Monday, July 17, 2017

Pavan Sukhdev’s TED Talk, “Put a Value on Nature”

A project called TEEB in 2007 initiating conservatism movement towards nature. It consists of environment ministers of the G8+5 whose realizing nature’s contribution to human life and businesses in local, national, and international level. An example lies on Amazon rainforest as the pool of carbon, biodiversity, and rainfall granting the success of agricultural sectors in countries surround it. The coral reef, insects, and deserts also contribute for businesses. However, most big businesses are careless with the sustainability of these natures. Taking into account all of these factors, the nature becomes worsen in recent years. This happens due to people tendency on caring more on private profits rather than common goods.
Pavan Sukhdev has explained rationale environmental issues. As the population in almost part of the world increasing and the advancement of technology keeps growing; replacing jobs by robots and making stiff competitions in getting a job. In order to fulfill demands on certain products as well as providing nutritious foods, people start exploiting natures for their own sake. Although many environmentalists as well as NGOs begin explaining the importance of economic sustainability, only few businesses care with it. They put more attention on getting profits to expand their businesses as globalization makes an ease to open branches in foreign countries. These ego activities are never seeing nature worth for their businesses. The National Geographic reveals the average temperatures in 2016 increase by 1.3 degree Celsius. The sea level is predicted increasing by 2-3 feet in 2100 and Greenland will be uncovered by ice in 2050. When these phenomena happen, human’s goal on providing nutritious foods and gain more profits seem easier to achieve by today but will become harder in 30 years later. Pavan Sukhdev through his TEEB project provide comprehensive understandings on how we should see natures and taking steps to tackle environmental issues. Businesses in any sectors are the key for doing sustainable business practices and value the nature more.

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