Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Evaluation of "Comix Poetics" by Andrew D. Arnold

Andrew D. Arnold was one of the columnists in Time.com who wrote Comix Poetics. He prefers to use the word “comix” rather than “comics” to describe the entire essay which talking about the combination between comics and poetics. Arnold directs the reader straight to his main topic by asking question in last sentence of first paragraph. He writes, “For example, can comics create poetry like the work of Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, or Aleksander Pushkin?” The point that needs to be underlined is he likes to mention some of expertise in explaining idea. It would help reader easily understand what he is trying to say. However, sometimes, Arnold gives too much details of an idea. When he mentioned about Herriman, he spends a whole one paragraph to explain about Herriman’s work, but he could not elaborate it well, especially when he mentioned Herriman’s three principal characters which are lovesick Krazy Kat, brick-throwing Ignatz Mouse, and dutiful Offica Pup. The explanation about those characters is not concise and not straightforward. This makes reader hard to get the point of that paragraph.

            Furthermore, it also happens in another paragraph. He likes to quote sentence which is unclear. One of them is in second sentence in the explanation of Anders Nilsen. He wrote, “..., published by Fantagraphics books _______ The fall 2005 .....” The blank between the phrase “Fantagraphics books” and “the fall 2005” is not clear. He could not drive reader to get into his point and it is such a rare paragraph that can be found in an essay. Therefore, it might make reader need to evaluate more about Arnold’s work experience. Does Arnold experience capture the work of comics and poetics expertise? Do 5 years working experience as columnist is enough to measure his understanding about comics and poetics? He might be good and detail in giving explanation in his essay. However, he needs to be more specific and concise in explaining and mentioning the work of another expertise as his example. 

*this evaluation is intended to accomplish EAP 3 assignment

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