Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Summary of "Violent Media is Good for Kids" by Gerard Jones

In “Violent Media is Good for Kids”, Gerard Jones argues that violent media gives benefit for mentality development of the children. This benefit has been implemented to his son who transformed bloodthirsty dinosaur into an encouragement to enter preschool; a Power Ranger into self power by joining social competition in Kindergarten. He also has helped Emily, a little girl who loves exploring violent action, to have more self-controlled and socially competent by giving her a chance to draw comics to express her emotional condition. Not only that, his mom who firstly against The Incredible Hulk and Marvel Comics turned to believe that those entertainments demonstrate pacifism and tolerance. Those experiences makes him strongly believes that violent entertainment in which people might think it is the trashiest pop culture has its own developmental function. Violent entertainment will help children express their feelings and fantasies so that they will not grow up too passive, distrustful, and easily manipulated. When parent act to protect their children too much to watch violent media, it means they are not against violence but against power and selfhood. Therefore, parent has to not hardly protect their children to be familiar with violent media.

*I wrote this summary for accomplishing EAP 3 assignment

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