Thursday, October 2, 2014

2nd APU's Essay Requirement

Please write about any previous commendable experiences, any extracurricular activities you hope to pursue after you have entered the university, and your plans after graduation from APU.

Today I live in a country that still needs a lot of improvement. Because of this, it is my responsibility to help my country.

Every Saturday morning, I participate in many community service activities with members of my senior high school. I work as a volunteer teaching local elementary school students. I have talked with these elementary school students about environmental issues,  the arts,  and any other topics the students wanted to discuss. In addition to the work I did at the local elementary school,  I got a job managing and reproducing as compost the organic waste of another local. I really enjoyed collaborating with my students so much so that I served as a traditional dance tutor at another local, Islamic elementary school.  After  dedicating more than a half of my time in senior high school to community service activities, I realized the importance of giving others hope.
Moreover, it was only natural that I take on the role as the HIV/AIDS ambassador of my school. I worked together with the National AIDS Commission on organizing an event to celebrate the annual HIV/AIDS Day. As the person in charge of that event, I really wanted to get my friends involved  and raise their awareness about how HIV/AIDS affects our community. Just as I worked with the National AIDS Commission and my friends to help support a worthy cause, joining forces with the multicultural students of APU can further help me achieve my dreams of solving many global issues.
As indicated by the above experiences, I intend to further my extra-curricular activities by joining the APU volunteerism and local exchange programs. This will allow me to contribute to the improvement of global communities, especially for Japan as my host country. During my time in  this program, I will gladly share my senior high experiences in order to help others understand better people’s living conditions in developing countries. With this knowledge, together we can promote peace and understanding between developed and developing countries as well as create a plan to help improve the lives of people in developing countries.  After that, I will come back to Indonesia  and  invest my time in making a better life for Indonesian people. I want to encourage all people around me to take care of themselves and enhance their life skills in order to succeed in life. I want to rebuild their confidence to face the world, and strengthen their passion in education. That is all I have to do in order to initiate change.

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