Thursday, October 2, 2014

1st APU's Essay Requirement

1. Please write the reason(s) why you wish to attend APU and how you intend to approach your studies within your first choice of college (APM/APS).

“Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow.” Sampoerna Academy’s motto.
This motto reflects Sampoerna Academy’s commitment to create  future leaders. Being a student at one of Sampoerna Academy’s campuses has tought me a lot about leadership. Through programs such as Pathway to Leadership and Solo Camp I have learned the importance of prioritizing, helping others succeed, and seeking first to understand than to be understood. I wish to further implement these values at APU. However, in order to fulfill my commitment as a future leader, I should learn more about global issues and commit to addressing and solving these issues.

I need an education that encourages my academic achievement, helps to increase my self-esteem and  my understanding of the world around me as well as teach me the importance of improving life skills. This will raise my global and environmental awareness. I can not remain in my comfort zone; I have to engage people from around the world so as to deepen my understanding of other cultures. Remaining in my native country will not give me a true look into how the real world works and will neither help me to become an open-minded person or assist in my dreams of becoming a model leader to all the local, national, and international communities around the world.

Communication, in my opinion, is one of the most important ways to get closer to a community. It allows me to understand their needs, wants, and problems so that I am better able to help them. Applying to the college of Asia Pacific Studies in Asia Pacific University will allow me to learn the cultures and societies around me and enrich my languages skills. Furthermore, being a part of an international class exposes me to different global  perspectives. Students can work together, share ideas, and discuss ways to solve global issues and create peace within the world. This will serve as my first step towards relating to global communities and helping to establish a better life for all people.

APU’s traditional dance clubs, such as Geisou, will further develop my global connectedness and understanding. Learning about the arts, cultures, and traditions of other countries not only satisfies my curiosity, but it also speaks to my personal interests and hobbies. I really enjoy practicing and performing Javanese traditional dances. Every since I was in elementary school I have participated in Javanese traditional dance. During my time in senior high school,  I joined “The 1000 Masks Festival”. It was during this festival that I began to wonder how it would feel to share Javanese traditional dance with people from outside of my own culture. APU’s multicultural week will grant me the opportunity to share my culture with others from around the world. I really would like to be a member of APU and all of its cultural activities so that I can teach others about my own traditions as well as learn about many other world traditions.

Someone once said, “Experience is the best teacher.” I believe that studying at Asia Pacific University will allow me to have many diverse experiences. These experiences will  promote my personal development and  positively influence my cultural awareness through its strong global environment. The global and different cultural lessons I will learn at APU will help  me to become an agent of change for both my local community and the communities of people around the world.

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